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GCBS4 (Guitar Controlled Bass Synth)

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Fretted Synth
A mono guitar/audio triggered synth for bass tones

This is a collection of cross-platform midi VST plugins
midi16CCRouter - Changes up to 16 CCs to 16 other CCs.
midi2qwerty16 - Use MIDI to trigger fake keystrokes to the focused window.
midiAudioToCC - Converts audio amplitude to CC messages.
midiCCModulator - Use one CC to modulate another CC (or note velocity) in various ways: add/subtract/multiply/etc, plus logic gates (AND, NAND, XNOR, etc).
midiCCReset - Remembers CC values and sends them out again at selected times.
midiCCStepper - Quantize CC events by value or in time.
midiCCToggle - For changing momentary CC buttons into toggles.
midiChannelize - Transforms everything to the selected channel.
midiChs_noGUI - Channel filter/changer like energyXT1 “MIDI chs” component.
midiConverter2 - Change and convert between CC, Channel Pressure, Poly Aftertouch, Program Change, Pitch Bend, NRPN/RPN, and Note On/Off messages in various ways.
midiDelay - Delay notes and/or CCs with feedback.
midiDuplicateBlocker - Remembers all MIDI message values it gets on each channel, and blocks any repeated values until a different value is received.
midiExactDelay - Simple delay (no dry signal, no feedback) with flexible and precise delay time.
midiFingered - Selectively sends standard portamento on/off CC messages to emulate “fingered portamento” for synths that don’t have it.
midiForceToKey - Enforces a scale, and transposes within the scale (optionally based on MIDI notes on a selected channel).
midiForceToRange - Transposes notes by octave into the selected range.
midiInvertNotes - “Mirrors” notes centered around the selected note.
midiKeySplit - Simple keyboard splitter.
midiNotchFilter - Isolate, remove, or channelize specific MIDI messages.
midiNotesToCC - Converts note number and velocity to CC messages.
midiNoteToggle - Notes (optionally within a selected range and/or channel) are toggled… play a note once to turn it on, play it again to turn it off.
midiNRPNConverter - Converts between NRPN/RPN and CC messages, with 16 conversion slots.
midiPolyphony - For spreading polyphony across MIDI channels, i.e. if you play 4 notes, each one will go to a different channel. Polyphony per channel can be set from 1 to 16 notes for more flexibility. You can also use it to convert polyphonic input to monophonic output.
midiProbability - Add probability-based effects to incoming MIDI events, optionally synced to host timeline.
midiProgramChange - Send Program Change and/or Bank Select messages.
midiSimpleLFO - One CC LFO with some “simple” options.
midiSostenuto - Like a piano sostenuto pedal, but for MIDI notes instead of piano dampers.
midiStrum - Sequentially delays notes of an input chord to simulate strumming.
midiStuckNoteKiller - Sends note-off messages to end hanging notes when the host stops (for hosts that don’t do this themselves).
midiSwing - Delays and/or offsets velocity of and applies probability to notes (and optionally also CCs) at every other step of a selected note value.
midiVelocityScaler - Scale/reverse/offset velocity of input notes (Note On and/or Note Off).

KTDrumTrigger is a VST plugin with custom editor that triggers MIDI notes based on the sound level of the incoming audio stream in different frequency bands. It allows you to “detect” occurrences of percussive sounds in an audio stream and send out a MIDI event whenever that happens.
It works like this: incoming (mono) audio is split up into different frequency bands using three tweakable filters. The signal in each of these bands is sent through an envelope follower. When the envelope reaches a specified threshold level, a MIDI note on message is generated. The trigger module has some built-in hysteresis and minimum inter onset time settings to avoid fast successive triggers due to noise on the envelope curves. Visual feedback of the filter and trigger settings is available….

Fretted Synth
Old drum pad to MIDI plugin. Takes a piezo type drum pad and converts it to a MIDI note and velocity value

Fretted Synth
A simple mono audio to midi plugin

Fretted Synth
An update to DrumDirection. Takes a piezo type drum pad and converts it to a MIDI note and velocity value. Also comes in versions with internal velocity split wave layers. KVR developer challenge 3 entry

Fretted Synth
Mono guitar/audio triggered synth with two virtual analog oscillators

Fretted Synth
Mono guitar/audio triggered synth with two virtual analog oscillators - Same as S2VA with one oscillator that loads .sf2 (sound fonts). Comes with example files and .fxb
Fretted Synth
Mono guitar/audio triggered synth with two virtual analog oscillators - Same as S2VA with one oscillator that loads up to four velocity split .wav files (wave files). Comes with example files and .fxb

Fretted Synth
Trigger wave files with an audio source

Fretted Synth
Another ‘Older space sounding mono guitar/audio triggered synth’

Follows Audio-In to make a CC envelope.

this is a simple device to convert the amplitude characteristics of arbitrary audio input signals into MIDI CC. It works in stereo, so the Left and Right channels can be output to different controllers.

Fretted Synth
Designed to take an audio signals velocity/loudness and turn it into a continuous controller value of 0-127

Fretted Synth
Mono guitar/audio triggered synth

Fretted Synth
Older space sounding mono guitar/audio triggered synth


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